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Stick Welding Cast Iron Repair with 6013

Stick Welding Cast Iron Repair with 6013 Repairing broken cast iron using 6013 welding electrodes. For this repair I discuss joint preparation then after the joint is fit up nicely, I tack the joint together with 6013. I also discuss welder settings and talk about which polarity I chose, and why. This repair is going to include a preheat and a controlled cool down once the repair is made. Then we test the repair to see just how much weight it will hold until it fails. See the test results for yourself and see how this repair compares to some of the other repairs we have done within this cast iron repair series.

I try not to trigger anyone, but it seems unavoidable whenever I repair cast iron with anything other than conventional repair methods. We all know in the trades that oxy fuel brazing or TIG brazing with preheat and controlled cool down are some of the best and tried and true methods for repairing broken cast iron, but what about the guy that doesn’t have an oxy / fuel rig or tig rig? Is he out of luck? Some would say YES. I think differently.

Rather than just accept failure and not try, I prefer to experiment and see if it can be done. I’ve had varying success repairing broken cast iron using non traditional processes and filler metals. Either it can or it cant be repaired, and if it can, how much weight will it hold until it fails again? Hopefully you find these repair videos entertaining and educational and consider these experiments just another tool in your welders toolbox to get the job done.

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