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How to Manage a Multi-Location Business on Facebook (STEP BY STEP)

Managing a multi-location business on Facebook used to be a daunting prospect. But not anymore.

Gone are the days when you had to create and maintain a business page for each of your business locations separately.

With the latest “Facebook location” feature you can now manage all your shops or offices in just a few clicks from one central place, your Facebook business page.

This, not only will give you the chance to increase your business visibility in Facebook search results, but also makes the process of publishing posts on all your pages a lot faster, and above all, you can manage each location page independently. But these are only some of the benefits, there is more.

In this video, you will learn what other advantages this feature offers for your business as well as how to implement multiple location pages yourself step by step and click by click.

Here is the link to to access your business location dashboard:

For more info on how to upload business locations in bulk visit:

To download the spreadsheet template go to:

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