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Connecticut police wrangle 6-foot snake wrapped around car engine

Police officers in Connecticut spent their Fourth of July not at a barbeque or backyard party, but wrangling a 6-foot snake.The officers discovered the snake, which they said was “possibly” a boa constrictor, slithered up underneath a vehicle in East Windsor on Thursday. The snake “wrapped itself around the engine block,” officials wrote in a Facebook post. Investigators and bystanders worked together to remove the snake from underneath the car. “It is likely someone’s pet that got out in the area, but for now it will be taken to a wildlife center,” police said online. “Thank you to all those who helped us remove the snake. Not exactly the call we were expecting today…..” MASSIVE 9-FOOT PYTHON THAT ESCAPED LAST WEEK FOUND IN NEIGHBOR’S GARDEN In a follow-up post, Sgt. Derek Leab explained that police officers “are not normally in the business of wrangling snakes.”  Connecticut police officers spent their Fourth of July wrangling a six-foot snake from underneath a vehicle in East Windsor. (East Windsor Police Department) “We attempted to find an Animal Control Officer to assist, but with it being a holiday, none were available nor were any pest services available. So what did we do? Cpl. Tudryn and Ofc. Mitchell sprang into action and worked with the community to resolve the issue,” he wrote. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP The sergeant added the snake is “doing very well.”


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