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How To Add Facebook Pages & Facebook Ad Accounts In Business Manager – Facebook Ad Agency

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Hey everybody! I’m going to walk you through how to add clients Facebook Assets into your business manager. This includes adding Facebook ad accounts from clients into your Facebook Business Manger, as well as adding Facebook Page access into your Facebook Business Manager.

I also walk you through what level of access you should be requesting from your clients so you can make the most of what Facebook marketing services you are advertising for them.

Make sure you tell your Facebook Advertising clients to NOT add your personal profile to their page. It won’t make this impossible, it just adds extra steps that are unnecessary and a little annoying.

Then go into “Business Settings” by clicking on the blue button on the top right of the Facebook business manager. Then on the left side find the two panels that are “pages” and “ad accounts”.

Go into the page tab first, and toward the top right select “add new page.” And then “request access”. The best way to request their Facebook Page access is to type in the exact URL or handle of their page. Typing in the name of the clients Facebook Page may work, but too often it pulls other Facebook Page results and is just confusing. Then click request, and they’ll be notified.

Next you need your clients Facebook Ad account. Go to the “ad accounts” tab on the left and click on add new account. Then click “request access”. And here’s the tricky part. You need to walk your client through going to their Facebook page, and then clicking settings, promotions, and there’s a bar at the bottom where you can view promotions inside of Facebook Ads Manager, which is where they’ll go next.

Then in Facebook Ads Manager they will click on settings and see their Facebook ads account ID number, and that’s the number they will give to you so you can request access to their ad account. Then once you’ve requested access to your client’s Facebook Ads Account then they need to go into the user section of their Facebook Ads Account to see your request and grant you permission.

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